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Discover IVUS - a Danish provider of superior consumables designed for the hygienic collection, precise handling, and secure storage of biological fluids. Our range offers a cost-effective solution, accompanied by CE marking and IVDR certification, ensuring compliance and reliability at every step.

IVUS - Ensuring Compliance and Reliability

Explore our premium array of consumables specifically designed for the collection, handling, and storage of biological fluids. 

IVUS stands as a cost-effective alternative, holding both CE marking and IVDR certification, assuring superior quality and strict 

adherence to standards. Our products are manufactured in Denmark and across the EU, ensuring consistent and reliable 

performance while also contributing to a reduction in CO2 emissions when utilized within the EU.

We continuously seek new partners eager to expand and scale their businesses by leveraging our top-quality and cost-effective products. Please contact us to discuss the opportunity further. 

Test Tubes

A series of test tubes designed for the collection and safe transportation of biological samples. Our tubes ensure secure handling and preservation of samples, meeting the highest industry standards for quality and compliance.  

Urine Test Kits

User-friendly and cost-effective urine test kits for quick, simple, and hygienic collection of urine samples for analysis. These CE/IVD sterilized urine test kits are of high quality and are available in several different variants.

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IVUS stands as a pivotal division within In Vitro A/S, representing the forefront of our commitment to user-friendly and cost-effective solutions in the hygienic collection, precise handling, and secure storage of biological fluids. As an integral part of In Vitro A/S, IVUS embodies our dedication to assisting our customers with innovative, user-friendly, and cost-effective alternatives, ensuring compliance with the highest standards and reliability at every step.

Kim Bidsted


With a passion for advancing healthcare, Kim drives our vision for quality and affordable solutions in the field of in vitro diagnostics.

Phone: +45 30 50 70 04


Kirsa Schalck

Sales & Marketing

With a passion for delivering excellent customer support, Kirsa is the person to contact for top-tier solutions tailored to your needs.

Phone: +45 48 47 50 70